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Monday, March 22, 2010

God is So Good

While on a recent mission trip to Nicaragua I met two sick people and one had a very high temperature. As we stood by her the translater told us she had been sick for a very long time. There were a couple of different issuses going on with her one being spiritual and one being physical. God nudged me to ask her if she would like me to apply some oils for healing. We prayed over her for healing and also took with us what she thought was causing her spiritual conflict. We saw her later that night when she came to church and she was fever free and feeling a lot better. God heard our prayers and used us to speak HIS truth to her.

The other lady had a very sore throat when we arrived. I offered her oils and after using them for three days her throat was much better.

Thank you God for giving us these essential oils that come from your plants and trees. You knew we would be a victim of our environment and you provided what we would need to get better.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

What Can Essential Oils Do For You

A great explanation by Dr. Terry Friedmann, MD!

What can the oils do?

First of all they are transporters; they transport products to the cells of our body.
Secondly, they contain ATP which serves as the power source of the cells-the fuel.
Essential oils can also:
Normalize the viscosity of the blood.
Facilitate the delivery of vital nutrients.
Soothe muscle spasms.
Relieve migraine headaches.
Reduce mental fatigue.
Reduce pain and swelling of arthritis.
Release liver toxins.
Clean the gallbladder.
Clear up acne.
Stimulate the secretion of gastric juices.
Work to improve nerve impulses and synaptic connections.
Reverse insomnia and anxiety.
Heal burns, cuts, and infected wounds.
Lower cholesterol.
Relieve PMS symptoms.
Stimulate immune system functions.
Destroy fungi, bacteria, and viruses.
And smell great as perfume too!
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Give yourself the gift of health one drop at a time.